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  • Do you use reloaded brass?
    We use brand new, unfired brass in all of our ammunition.
  • When will you be back in stock?
    It's always tough to say when we will be back in stock during this ammunition and component shortage. However, keep checking our website or join our mailing list for the most up to date inventory.
  • Can I find you in any retail stores?
    You can. We have a growing dealer network mostly located in the Mid-Atlantic region. Shop around your local areas to find our product! If your local dealer does not carry Shenk Ammunition, we would always appreciate a recommendation from you. Dealer applications are found on the "Dealer Inquiries" menu on our website.
  • How do I protect my 2nd Amendment rights?
    Damn good question. Vote Republican. Also, join the NRA and SCI.
  • When will ammunition prices come back down?
    Another tough one to say. However, we do remain very competitive on both dealer and direct to consumer pricing. We hate being gouged so we wouldn't dream of doing it to our customers. Prices have come down in the past few months, but this can always change overnight. Stock up whenever you can!
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